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CICC undertakes peace building and conflict transformation programs  in order to have peaceful and harmonious society of Kenya with a view of  inculcating a culture of tolerance and harmony

  • Peace and Security for Development (PSD)

The Peace and Security for Development (PSD) Programme has been supported by Royal Danish Embassy (RDE) since its advent in late 2005. It started as a yearly project until 2010 and thereafter it was changed into a five years programme. PSD is currently in its third year of project implementation of the five years funding starting 2011 to 2015. The Programme is founded on the premise that peace and security is a prerequisite for any kind of development to take place. The project also aims at assisting CICC realize its vision of achieving a divinely, peaceful, and harmonious conflict free society of Kenya. The project is also informed by the project goal of contributing to the attainment of a democratic Kenyan society, open to all ethnic and religious groups, as an alternative to political violence.  The project covers works in the entire six counties of formerly coast province namely: Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale, Taita Taveta, Tanariver and Lamu Counties. The programme aims at supporting peace and security initiatives along the coast region through enhancing interfaith dialogues.  

  • Supporting Active Participation In Free And Fair Elections-Safe Coast Project

The SAFE Coast project was funded by USAID and PACT. The  project aimed at ensuring citizens actively and peacefully participate in electoral and political processes at the Coast.The project main task was on Peace Coexistence and Devolution purposed to; Enhance understanding of devolution and facilitate community participation in the process as well as Enhancing a culture of tolerance for peaceful coexistence amongst communities in the Coast Region.

  • Interfaith Youth Project

The 2 year pilot youth project was supported by British High Commission (BHC) in 2006 to 2008 whose strategic goal was to reduce the radicalization and extremism of youth especially in Kenya’s south coast.

The project main objective was to build capacity of youths in the coast region to actively and peacefully participate in peace, security and development initiatives at the coast region.

The youth project aimed at reducing and vulnerability of radicalization among the youths of diverse religious background at the coast region.

The project was implemented in former Kwale District in 6 locations namely; Tiwi, Diani, Majimboni, Lunga Lunga , Kinango and Taru Locations of Kwale County.

The project activities included among others :

Establishment of youth Locational committee.


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Peace building and conflict management
  • Book keeping
  • Inter-religious dialogue
  • Group dynamics
  • Food processing, bee keeping and Goat rearing.

Through other networks, the members also benefited from stakeholders capacity building like modern farming, HIV/AIDs and Human rights.

Interfaith Youth Association.

A remarkable result of this project was the establishment and registration of the Inter-faith youth Association, Kwale Interfaith Youth Association (KIYA).

This is the umbrella body which brings together members of various youth groups from the six locations. Its lead by a management committee of 12 youths.  It is the body that is  responsible for  disbursing micro-credit to it’s over 2,000 members in various locations/wards.  

Youth fund.

The fund is set aside to assist the youths in various youth initiative to develop them economically.

An initial youth fund was set aside of Kshs 700,000(£5,833). So far, more than Kshs 1.6 (£13,333) has been disbursed to over 120 association members to run various economic endeavors.